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​Managed Security

Viruses, spyware, worms and service attacks are a constant threat to company networks, data, management time and employee productivity.

Keep your valuable business assets safe and secure 24/7 for 365 days of the year with Novo IT Managed Security.

Novo IT Managed Security includes:

  • Vulnerability assessment to identify the source of any potential intrusions to your network
  • Pro-active intrusion protection against known and new threats
  • Firewall management to block suspicious network traffic
  • Real time anti-virus and anti-spyware network protection
  • Spam tracking and management on end-user devices
  • Web filtering to manage employee internet access

Why choose Novo IT for Managed Security?

  • IT security is constantly changing, with security breaches and cyber criminals finding new ways to hack vulnerable networks. Novo IT is at the forefront of ICT security, giving you the best possible protection of your assets.


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