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Key Benefits

SharePoint as an information and knowledge management platform provides your business with a consistent experience with a rich set of features to cater for your needs. As experts, you can rely on Novo IT for the management of your SharePoint platform, enabling you to grow your applications with your business.

  • Monitoring and uptime

    Monitoring of your SharePoint applications to ensure uptime for your business.

  • High performance

    Recommendations from our SharePoint experts and performance adjustments will help you get the most out of your SharePoint applications.

  • Agreed recovery options

    In the event of disaster, we initiate your pre-determined recovery procedure to promptly restore operations.

  • Reporting

    Mitigate risk and stay informed about the health and operation of your SharePoint infrastructure.

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Our Approach

Our Approach
During onboarding, Novo IT discovers and documents the SharePoint installation within your business. We document and agree upon your expectations and management options.
Proactive Monitoring
Novo IT sets up monitoring alerts for your SharePoint servers. Our monitoring service detects issues as they occur. We notify you, provide a resolution plan and remediate the issue.
Service Desk Support
Novo IT provides responsive support for information requests, incident investigation and administrative tasks such as assigning user access.
Monthly Reporting
Our monthly report includes overall statistics and recommendations to improve your SharePoint server's health and performance.

Product Scope

Novo IT Managed SharePoint includes everything you need for the proactive monitoring, operation and management of your SharePoint infrastructure.



  • Document SharePoint architecture and solutions
  • Gather client expectations for change management and reporting
  • Management of third party vendors


  • Network and firewall management
  • Virtual environment management
  • Management of server software unrelated to SharePoint (including Anti-Virus)

Proactive Monitoring


  • Performance monitoring - e.g. memory, disk, CPU, updates
  • Application monitoring - SharePoint and SQL
  • Recommendations for capacity planning, performance, problem resolution and patching
  • Bi Annually - SharePoint Major Service Packs
  • Annually - SharePoint Audit


  • Changes to SharePoint environment, content and structure
  • Windows Server updates or patch management
  • Major version upgrades (i.e. SharePoint 2010 upgrade to 2013)

Service Desk Support


  • Incident logging via email or phone
  • 15 minute response during business hours
  • Administrative tasks such as assigning user access
  • Monthly performance or configuration tweaks based on recommendations provided in the monthly service report


  • All out of standard business hours work except scheduled outages or critical issues
  • SharePoint training
  • New features and custom development



  • Monthly Server SharePoint Service Report
  • Reporting of performance, tickets and recommendations


  • Remediation of recommendations is not in the scope of the product.

* Pricing and scoping of exclusions can be determined on a per request basis.

Managed SharePoint Case Study

Lynas Logo

Lynas Corporation

Lynas Corporation needed to reduce their IT overhead and costs. In conjunction with Internal IT processes, Novo IT provided a Managed SharePoint service to seamlessly manage the infrastructure and applications on the SharePoint platform. With monthly reporting, Lynas have visibility into the requests, issues and growth recommendations enabling them to make informed decisions.

Client Challenges

  • Lack of SharePoint expertise in-house
  • The desire for SharePoint to "just work"
  • Large business reliance on the SharePoint platform means that uptime is critical

Client Outcomes

  • Regular updates on the progress of SharePoint activities
  • Assurance that SharePoint is being correctly managed to industry best practice
  • Users are happy with the reliability of the SharePoint platform
  • The SharePoint platform is kept up to date with the latest patches and service packs
  • Content owners can rely on Novo IT to assist them with administrative tasks and support the management of content for their SharePoint applications