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Telstra is Australia’s leading telecommunications and information services company, offering a full range of communications services and competing in all telecommunications markets.​

Telstra Next IP Network

The Telstra Next IP® network is Telstra's core data network -- the nation-wide backbone that connects people, information and applications around Australia, and delivers our IP and data solutions to our customers.​

Telstra are one of a few service providers whose infrastructure services in Australia are certified to the robust ISO27001 Security Management Standard for both Telstra data centres and the Telstra Next IP® network.​


Telstra Cloud Services

Telstra Cloud Services provides end-to-end solutions that scale up or down as needed. Telstra can take care of your network, mobility and IP telephony services so that you can focus on what matters – innovating, growing and giving customers a great experience.​

Successfully run ICT in the cloud with secure shared compute or dedicated compute virtual servers in Telstra's data centres in Australia or international locations, multiple operating systems and a range of business-ready applications.