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AutoDoc Overview

AutoDoc produces quality documents with the flexibility you need to deliver the right information to your customers. Documents such as proposals, tenders, certificates and statements can be automated to transform the process of creating and formatting important business documents.

  • Produces Consistent, Quality Documents

    Reduces human error involved in manual document writing and ensures consistency by automating document creation.

  • Easy To Use

    Simple interface with clearly defined options which allows users to select what sections are required in the document.

  • Fast Turn-Around

    Allows for rapid document production, enabling you to quickly respond to customer needs by giving them the information when they need it.

  • Gain Organisational Efficiencies

    Reduce the need for senior staff to spend their valuable time reproducing and reviewing documents and start sharing this workload amongst the team.

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Our Approach

  • Understanding your template

    We break down your content into sections to understand what content should be automatically populated in each section of the document.

  • Design a Document Generator

    We configure the document template interface and document properties so that you can easily create documents.

  • Putting it together

    We will take your document template and design to build the document generator ready for you to use.

Standard Packages

Novo IT offers three separate packages for AutoDoc.

AutoDoc Basic AutoDoc Pro AutoDoc Plus
Standard parameters 5 10 15
Advanced parameters x 1 2
Choice of standard layouts 3 Custom theme Custom theme
AutoDoc Basic
Standard parameters 5
Advanced parameters x
Choice of standard layouts 3
AutoDoc Pro
Standard parameters 5
Advanced parameters x
Choice of standard layouts 3
AutoDoc Plus
Standard parameters 5
Advanced parameters x
Choice of standard layouts 3

Additional Options:

  • One additional feature may be added and purchased separately without the need to upgrade your package.

  • Timeline generator - Insert a delivery timeline into your document based on specified parameters.

AutoDoc Technology

The document generator is a browser application which can run independently or as an addition to your intranet or portal system. AutoDoc was developed by Novo IT as a process automation tool and does not rely on any specific platform or technology to run.

AutoDoc Case Study

AVC Logo


AVC provides information and communication infrastructure services to SMEs and Mid-Market businesses. AVC has more than 50 staff, with offices in Sydney, Wollongong, Melbourne and Brisbane. AVC has remained relevant and highly successful - for almost three decades, by staying one step ahead of emerging technologies and changing client needs.

Client Challenges

AVC were spending hours on proposal documents for clients and were looking to improve proposal turn-around. By using Novo IT AutoDoc, AVC was able to package their process up in a friendly, easy-to-use, interface. Through AutoDoc, price and other details are automated to produce a word document that can be sent to the client immediately. The template is easily accessible and can be edited when prices or content change. Proposal turn-around has reduced to a matter of minutes!

Client Outcomes

Novo IT worked with AVC to define fields, sections, layouts and parameters. AVC now has a tool that increases the consistency and speed at which they can develop proposal documents.

AVC Proposal Generator