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Our Approach

A key to business success is to enable staff to access information across the business that allows seamless collaboration and productivity. OnePlace for Documents provides a centralised location which facilities the improvement of team collaboration, content sharing and ease of information storage and retrieval.

OnePlace for Documents is a solution that leverages the document management features and benefits provided by the Microsoft SharePoint Server platform with the objective of making access to information simpler for all staff.

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  • Deployment to SharePoint On-Premise or Office 365
  • All Standard Features
  • Your choice of 2 Advanced Features
  • Deployment to SharePoint On-Premise or Office 365
  • All Standard Features
  • Your choice of 4 Advanced Features

Standard Features

OnePlace provides easy access to documents on demand. All standard features below are included with OnePlace.

  • Up to 20 Document Libraries and Lists

    Store your information in document libraries with features such as versioning, metadata, views, gated editing, collaborative sharing and tight integration with Microsoft Office.

  • Up to 10 Metadata Fields

    DevPlus will steer you through the classification of your documents. With our extensive template classification library, you receive best practice guidance on structuring your document metadata.

  • Up to 5 Sites

    Plan your information classifications with the use of sites. Each site gives you a separate sub-portal to manage related documents and information.

  • OneDrive

    Use Microsoft OneDrive for Business to synchronise access to your documents on your personal device. Easily update and review documents offline when on-the-go and update changes back in the office.

  • File Migration

    DevPlus will seamlessly migrate and automatically classify your selected files into OnePlace using our best of breed tools.

  • Document search capability

    Locate and retrieve documents using advanced keyword based search capabilities built in to SharePoint.

Advanced Features

In addition to the standard features, you can select a combination of the advanced features listed below to enhance your OnePlace experience.

  • Single Level Approval Workflow

    Send documents to managers and supervisors for approval using Approval Workflow capability. Route approvals automatically based on document classifications.

  • Single Level Review Workflow

    Maintain the integrity of your document structure by receiving automated document review notifications.

  • Single Level Archive Workflow

    Automatically flag out-of-date information. Reclassify documents out of your working document areas and into long term storage.

  • Radical Search

    Specify search parameters based on your metadata structure to pinpoint the documents you need. Use refiners to narrow down your search results.

  • EyeView x1

    See all your documents with a bird’s eye view on a single pane of glass.

  • DocScroll x1

    Easily navigate a directory listing of your document structure. Customised templates to match your document and information configuration.


  • Installation of third party products or features.
  • Custom development or integration with external systems.
  • Branding outside of SharePoint 2013 standard themes and templates.
  • Sharepoint and Office 365 Licensing.
  • Server infrastructure required to support underlying technologies.

Customisation* Options

In addition to standard and advanced features, OnePlace can be further customised to suit the individual needs of your business. These customisation options include:

Customised Templates

  • Additional functionality on your document site templates
  • Layout redesign


  • Include announcements, calendar and news on your OnePlace site

Extra Workflows

  • Custom developed document workflows specific to your business processes
  • Add additional workflow actions to the approval, review and archive workflows provided by Novo IT


  • Leave workflow
  • Expense Claim workflow
  • Integration of workflow with external system (CRM, TRIM)

System Integration

  • Integration with CRM, knowledge management, intranet, LOB and other systems.


  • Add a purchase order number to each document from external system
  • Link documents into an external system, such as CRM

*Customisation pricing and scoping is determined on a per feature-request basis