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Manage and prioritise projects with OneProject. Built on Microsoft Project Server 2013, OneProject provides an intuitive user experience with clearly defined workflow processes.

  • Project Governance (Control)

    OneProject creates a robust framework to manage programmes, portfolios and their associated projects.

  • Project Integration (Flexibility)

    Direct integration with Microsoft Project, with the ability to export your project plan. OneProject also synchronises project costs with your financial package.

  • Project Interface (Usability)

    Easy to use and navigate, OneProject includes dashboards, contextual help, ribbon navigation and more.

  • Project Reporting (Visibility)

    PMO and programme dashboards provide visibility over all projects. OneProject also includes a suite of standard reports.

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OneProject Screen shots

Standard Features

OneProject offers a range of standard features to provide a full project management offering.

Project Governance

Project Collaboration Area

  • Risks/Issues
  • Lessons Learnt
  • Task Summary
  • Project Metrics
  • Stage Gates - Project Workflow
  • Project Members
  • Project Links
  • Project Phase Requirements

Project Template

  • Project Details
  • Financial Detailst
  • Project Status
  • Project Timeline

Project Workflow

  • Initiation, planning, execution, closure and benefits

Programme & Portfolio Management

  • Prioritise and select portfolios
  • Manage programmes, portfolios and their associated projects
  • Portfolio and programme collaboration areas

Project Integration

Software Packages

  • Microsoft Project integration with project plans
  • Microsoft Word and Excel
  • Financial package/ERP integration
  • Active directory synchronisation
OneProject Architecture

OneProject Product Architecture

Project Reporting

PMO Dashboard

  • Project rollup
  • Project metrics
  • Project overrun graph
  • Project risk rollup graph

Programme Dashboard

  • Project rollup
  • Risk rollup
  • Timeline rollup

Standard Reports

  • A suite of standard reports

Project Interface

Contextual Help

  • Project creation and editing
  • Dashboards
  • Workflow and stage gates

Ribbon Navigation

  • Show/hide ribbon buttons

Additional Options

OneProject can be further customised to suit the individual needs of your business. These options include:

SQL Data Access

SQL Data Access

Access all data in OneProject's (including registers from the project site) at the SQL database level.

Timesheet and Resource Centre

Timesheet and Resource Centre

Use OneProject to manage resources and timesheets.

Customisation Options

Examples of customisation include:

  • Reporting - Development of additional reports to meet your requirements (outside of the standard reports).
  • Workflows - Changes to the existing workflows, additional actions, steps or phases.
  • Project Fields - Custom fields, specific to your reporting and organisational requirements.
  • Project Site - Manage additional information about the project by adding lists and document libraries to the project site.
  • Dashboards - Update existing dashboards and create new dashboards.
  • System Integration - Integration with a third party system or changes to the mechanisms used to integrate.

OneProject Case Study

Lynas Logo

Lynas Corporation

In a recent implementation of Project Server, DevPlus improved user adoption and introduced a range of enhancements to the way Lynas manages their Projects. The OneProject offering from DevPlus will enable your business to effectively manage Projects, Programs and Portfolios across your organisation. OneProject features Dashboards, Project Workflows, Reports, Timesheets, Portfolios, Programs and much more to push your organisation to the next level of Project Management.

OneProject is a product built on the Microsoft SharePoint platform that can be hosted on-premise or on Cloud Infrastructure as a Service.

Client Challenges

  • No visibility from an Executive level on Projects
  • Lack of Project Collaboration
  • Lack of user adoption for the previous PPM product

Client Outcomes

  • Clear and transparent process for managing Projects
  • Dashboards and Reports provide valuable insight
  • Reporting times went from 2 weeks down to 2 hours