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Protecting your information and system resources is a fundamental need for your business.  Computer security focusses on three core areas:

  1. Confidentiality – ensuring your data is only accessed by authorised staff.
  2. Integrity – ensuring that data is not altered by unauthorised users in a way that's not detectable by authorised users.
  3. Authentication – ensuring users are who they claim to be.

Novo IT's professional services team ensure your business has the infrastructure in place to prevent breaches of your network from viruses, spyware, worms and service attacks.

Novo IT's Security service includes:

  • Infrastructure and vulnerability assessment to identify the source of any potential intrusions to your network
  • Pro-active intrusion protection against known and new threats
  • Firewall management to block suspicious network traffic
  • Real time anti-virus and anti-spyware network protection
  • Spam tracking and management on end-user devices
  • Web filtering to manage employee internet access

Why choose Novo IT for Security?

  • IT security is constantly changing, with security breaches and cyber criminals finding new ways to hack vulnerable networks. Novo IT​ is at the forefront of ICT security and we work with leading security vendors including: Cisco, Firstwave, OpenDNS, Symantec and Trend Micro
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