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Key Benefits

SharePoint integrates with various Microsoft offerings and provides a range of functionality options for business. However, SharePoint needs to be implemented correctly for the business to get value out of using SharePoint.

  • SharePoint Performance Root Cause Analysis

    A detailed review is undertaken by our expert SharePoint Consultants. This provides you with the information needed to improve and reduce performance bottlenecks.

  • Grow SharePoint

    User Adoption is the key to the growth of SharePoint within your business. Improve the reliability and stability of the SharePoint platform for a great user experience.

  • SharePoint Done Properly

    All recommendations provided by Novo IT are based on Microsoft and industry best practice.

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Product Scope

SharePoint Audit


  • Server/SharePoint Performance metrics
  • Current SharePoint configuration
  • Database server configuration
  • Server Diagnostics


  • Network infrastructure review
  • Troubleshooting and issue resolution

SharePoint Review Report


  • Key statistics and information identified within your SharePoint environment
  • Review of growth impacts
  • Cloud Readiness Assessment
  • Architecture Review and Reccomendations to remediate any non-best-practice configuration and to enhance performance
  • Review of disaster recovery plan and insight into SharePoint recovery options
  • Summarised key recommendations for short/medium/long term


  • Remediation of recommendations is not in the scope of the product
  • In-depth review of UAT and development environments

* Pricing and scoping of exclusions can be determined on a per request basis.

SharePoint Audit Review Case Study

Pillar logo

Pillar Administration

Pillar Administration is one of Australia's leading superannuation administration providers. Pillar use SharePoint for several business applications across their business. To support a healthy growth, Novo IT have provided a SharePoint Audit and Review for Pillar Administration's SharePoint platform. The review became the foundation for ensuring optimal functionality and integration across Pillar's SharePoint applications.

Client Challenges

  • Plan to grow the use of SharePoint across the organisation
  • Considering deployment of SharePoint on Office 365
  • Validation of existing installation against industry best practice

Client Outcomes

  • Clearer understanding of how the SharePoint platform can grow within Pillar on Office 365
  • Clearly defined recommendations for improving the reliability and stability of SharePoint
  • Developed a relationship between Novo IT and Pillar IT to share knowledge and discuss the management of SharePoint