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​​​Digital Leadership Program

The threat of Digital Disruption is growing in Australia. Businesses now need to prepare for the possibility that technology will fundamentally change their business models. Future success will be dependent on the ability to change, to be agile enough to embrace new technology and adapt to remain relevant in the digital world.

Novo IT's Digital Leadership program turns businesses into digital leaders.  Our digital leadership clients become more agile and capable of managing the threat of digital disruption in the digital space. This is achieved by building on Novo IT's heritage in the cloud and infrastructure management market and expanding this to incorporate business model review around:

A Digital strategy is not a destination it is a journey and therefore there is a need for business leadership to have a digital capability and support.

It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent... but the ones most responsive to change.

- Charles Darwin

Our program provides clients with a high level enterprise architecture view of their capability to deal with digital disruption threats and position their opportunities – creating the agility and capability to implement a digital strategy.

Novo IT partners with a number of other Information and Communication Technology (ICT) companies to ensure clients can access a wide area of capability and leadership in the digital space.​

Our Process​


Novo IT will engage with you in focusing on mapping high level processes and key information capture. We overlay this understanding with

  • who needs the information,
  • when they need the information and
  • how they currently receive that information,

to identify the main areas to focus on digitising to allow the business to automate and improve collaboration both internally and externally.

Along with mapping processes and information, we will also look at the existing system capability to meet these opportunities to automate, or, new opportunities to integrate digital capability.    

...and that's just to begin with!​

Interested? For more information download out Di​gital Leadership ​Program Brochure or​ contact us today!

​​What is Digital Disruption?

Find out more about the three dimensions of Digital Disruption:

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​Digital Strategy

75% of businesses surveyed claimed they had a digital strategy


21% of executives surveyed believed there was a clear digital vision


21% of executives believe they have the right people to define the digital strategy

Business Unit

15% have the capabilities and skills & 14% have the processes to execute the digital strategy

Internal IT

19% have the right technology to execute the digital strategy.

Of all businesses that claimed to have a Digital Strategy, 68% believe there are internal barriers to implementing their strategy.

Forrester Research 2014