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A network is the connections that enables computers, phones and servers to exchange data. These connections can include cable or wireless media as well as switches and routers that help guide where and how hardware and software connect.

What is a local area network (​​LAN)?

A local area network or LAN is a computer network that links devices within a small geographic area like a building or other buildings close by. A common structure for a LAN are multiple computers connected to one server within an office environment via a cable or wireless link

What is a wide area network (WAN)?

A wide area network  or WAN is a network that covers a large geographic area.  The size of a WAN can span regions, countries and even the world and often comprises two or more local area networks.

What are Switches and Routers?

Switches and routers are common pieces of hardware used to set up a network but perform quite different functions.

Switches are used to connect multiple devices within a local area network. As an example, a switch can connect your computers, printers and servers to create a network of shared resources.  The switch acts as a controller allowing devices to share data and talk to each other.

Routers are what allow you to connect multiple networks together. For example, a router will allow your networked computers to connect to the internet and share that connection amongst many users.  Routers also have the ability to analyse the data being sent over a network to help protect your data from security threats.

Through our networking partners Cisco, meraki, HP and riverbed Novo IT can create an agile, secure and flexible network structure that powers your business success.