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When it comes to IT, security is a constant concern.  Data theft, hacking, malware and service attacks are a constant threat to company networks, data, management time and employee productivity.

The three guiding principles of IT security are:

  • Confidentiality – data can only be seen and used by staff authorised to access it.
  • Integrity – changes to data by unauthorised staff isn't possible without detection.
  • Availability – information is accessible to authorised staff when required.

The biggest challenge with IT security is its constant evolution.  Companies have to be aware of new threats and the increasing sophistication of cyber criminals.

Some of the key benefits of good IT security include:

  • Prevents data loss and protects intellectual property
  • Supports workplace flexibility and mobility
  • Ensures privacy of customer information
  • Safeguard information and operations during a disaster
  • Minimise impact of information security breaches.
  • Supports rapid business growth
  • Reduces the onus on staff to maintain security

Novo IT is at the forefront of IT security and works with key partners including Cisco, FirstWave, OpenDNS, TrendMicro and Symantec.​